Book by Brian Rosenthal, Joey Richter and Corey Lubowich
Music and Lyrics by Clark Baxtresser and Pierce Siebers

Performs July 21
Rehearses July 3-21

Four years after the death of his partner Owen, super spy Curt Mega struggles to return to his former glory, (unsuccessfully) masking his grief & guilt with charisma. But when the American Secret Service uncovers a plot to rebuild the Nazi empire, Curt is thrust into the field to save the world once again. Equipped with a license to kill and the voice of an angel, Agent Mega must team up with a double-crossing Russian femme fatale, infiltrate opulent casinos, and outsmart an outrageous horde of villains from a black market arms dealer to the Deadliest Man Alive. With shadowy Cold War politics & advanced technologies quickly changing the world of espionage, it’s time for Mega to face the music and ask himself: does a future exist for a suave gentleman spy anymore?

Director/Choreographer: Isabella Hildebrand

Camp Information

Class Time:
9am-4pm M-F July 3-21

Friday July 21 @7pm

Incoming high school freshman through graduating high school seniors (age exceptions will be taken on a case-by-case basis; email for more information)

Rehearsal: VETS Center (Redwood City)
Performance: Hillsdale High School Little Theater

TUITION: $1100